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Alright, if you made it to this page you are probably wondering 'Who is this girl?' Well, I'm Alexis! I'm a big sunset lover and I will always find a way to get the best photos of one! I've also picked up reading again which has become a favorite to do in my free time. I'm more of a homebody if I'm not out at a session. However, I love any new adventures that photography takes me on. I hope to one day travel to Montana or really anywhere out west🏔️ Not many people know this about me, but outside of photography, I am a PreK teachers aide! So you’ll catch me chasing around kiddos all day haha *Peep me in a sack during our field day above 🤣 *

My boyfriend and I got a dog in December of 2022. We named him Glacier and he's the bestest boy 🐾 

Now how did AGP come about? I've always loved photography. I remember when I was younger I had one of those cameras that you could play games on so obviously at the time I was more interested in the games HAHA! Fast forward a few years later, I got a real digital camera!! I had absolutely no idea what I was doing if I'm being honest. I was about 8 years old. I took pictures of things any 8 year old would... the photos were not good! A few more years went by and I hadn't really touched a camera besides my iPod & iPhone camera. I got my first DSLR camera. I was stoked! I began to mess around with it and really found a love for photography again! I practiced over the span of a few months and then February 2021 I decided why not try this for real? But, I was only 15 and I doubted myself... A LOT. Who would trust a 15 year old to photograph such special moments in life? Little did I know that there would be such an awesome support system behind me:) After many, many months of trial and error I was finally seeing progress! Now let's jump to today. Over 3 years of doing something I absolutely love! I've gained hundreds of AMAZING clients who I love so much! Some have been around since the beginning and I'm so beyond grateful they continue to support me as I learn and grow!


If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and the story behind AGP!

Now enough about me! Take a look around! I hope you find something you like and give me the opportunity to capture great memories you'll have for a lifetime!

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