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girl it's time to unveil your inner beauty! I will showcase all your best features and make you feel powerful + beautiful! now let's create some magic! 


$200 ( 1 outfit + 10 digital images; no prints included)

$300 ( up to 2 outfits + 20 digital images + (1) 8x10 print of your choice)

$400 ( up to 3 outfits + 30 digital images + (30) 4x6 prints)

$500 ( up to 4 outfits + 40 digital images + customized 8x8 hard cover album; 25 pages + (10) 4x6 prints of your choice) 

$600 ( as many outfits as you'd like and can fit into your time slot + all the best images + customized 8x8 hard cover album; full book 46 pages + (40) 4x6 prints of your choice)

reminder: it's okay to be nervous, but I can assure you that you will absolutely kill it! just relax and go into the session feeling confident! you're beautiful! this is suppose to make you feel like the confident baddie you are deep down;)

Note: this editing is slightly moodier than my normal edits! Also there may be an airbnb fee if needed to rent one.

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